NFL Coach Gary Zauner Launches Interactive Web Site

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Arricle date: March 13, 2008

Considered one of the top NFL kicking coaches in the game, Coach Gary Zauner has launched his new interactive Web site at

"I've looked at a lot of different Web sites and there is nothing like this offered anywhere," says Zauner, who recently started a new career in consulting kickers and special teams. "The Web site offers individuals the opportunity to see video of some of the greatest kickers, punters and snappers in the game, or who have played the game."

Zauner has coached 11 years in college, 13 years in the NFL and has coached or been a kicking consultant for some of the all-time great head coaches in football. The list includes George Allen, Dick Vermeil, Mike Ditka, Marty Schottenheimer, and many others. Zauner says the list of college and NFL specialist he has worked with, and the success he has achieved, is unprecedented amongst kicking coaches. Numerous testimonials on his Web site testify to this.

According to Gary Anderson, who for 23 years was one of the NFL great kickers, Coach Zauner is simply the best kicking coach anywhere. "I had the privilege of working with Coach Zauner for 5 years while playing for the Minnesota Vikings," says Anderson. "Gary is easily the most knowledgeable kicking coach in the country. He is simply the Very Best!"

Zauner says he created the Web site to bring his knowledge of the game to the public and to promote kickers, punters, snappers and the kicking game. "When I was growing up and had this passion for kicking footballs, so I would try to find out who was the best kicking and punting coach," he says. "However, at that time there were no authorities on kicking. Coaches like George Allen, Dick Vermeil, and Marv Levy had their names attached to the kicking game, but no one individual was renowned for teaching the Art of Kicking and Punting."

Zauner says his Web site will give parents the opportunity to assist their 'aspiring kickers' by providing information and video that highlights the techniques and styles of some of the greatest kickers in past years. "My library of video is going to continually grow with new college and NFL clients," says Zauner. "The kicking game and its philosophy is an area of football that is largely overlooked. My Web site is about elevating the status of kickers, punters, snappers and the kicking game."

This week Zauner added video of a recent coaching lesson with Mike Vanderjagt. Vanderjagt, one of the top NFL kickers is the all-time career leader in field goal percentage. "After working with Mike," says Zauner, "I’m amazed he’s not on an NFL roster." However, Zauner expects to see him there soon.

In addition to video of Coach Zauner working with Anderson and Vanderjagt, the Web site also features 12 kicking videos, eight punting videos, four snapping videos and a section with punting tips Zauner created with Arizona Cardinal’s punter Mitch Berger.

Zauner says the Web site reflects his lifelong 'passion' for the kicking game. "I've done quite well by the kicking game, and I've never lost my passion for it," he says. "Now that I am not coaching in the NFL, my Web site will be a platform to share my passion and knowledge with as many individuals as possible. It allows me to be a voice and advocate for promoting kickers, punters, snappers and the kicking game."

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