Artcle from: NFL FanHouse

Article date: December 1, 2008

Article by: Bruce Ciskie

Ironically, this latest meltdown came a few days after a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article talked about the
Packers' decision to sign punter Derrick Frost and cut incumbent Jon Ryan after training camp. Ryan went
and saw an outside consultant, former special teams coach Gary Zauner, after he was cut, and
he's been solid in Seattle.
The use of outside coaches is something frowned upon by Packers special
teams coach Mike Stock.

"If you want to get into the discussion of, does this guy know more about punting
than the other guy? Do you want to read my bio? I'm not promoting myself, but I
know what I know and I know what I've done and I know the people I've worked

"It's a matter of, this is the guy who is coaching that position. And this is his
philosophy and this is the team's philosophy, and that's the philosophy we'll follow."

(Insert a roll of the eyes here.)

Frost averaged 33.5 yards on four punts against the Saints. In New Orleans. Perhaps Stock should invite
the help of outside coaches, because he's clearly doing something wrong. Either that, or there was a huge
windstorm in the Superdome that somehow went unnoticed by anyone but the Packers' punter.

All that said, and the Packers are 5-7. If they don't win out, they have no shot at the playoffs, and
even that might not be enough.