Improve The Mental Side of Your Kicking Game

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Maximize Your Talent with Proven Strategies to

Remain Calm - Confident - Clear Headed - Consistent


The Critical Element You MUST have to Beat Out your Competition
(Even my VIP Clients start here!)

Consists of: a one-hour session

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STOP! Second-Guessing Yourself

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Thinking you're a positive person will not help you when the pressure is on. That's when you start second-guessing yourself, right? Then the nerves kick in, the jitters start and your mind races out-of-control. Balls get dropped and kicks get missed!

Turn that all around now with an UNSHAKABLE FOUNDATION

Jerry Marlatt: President of First Team Sports Group

Deborah Dubree’s sessions with my clients have been invaluable in achieving optimal performance at critical events leading up to the NFL draft. All achieved significantly better than anticipated results! Her methods gave them the confidence and tools required to maximize their talents.

Option 2: Your SECRET WEAPON

Learn to Tame & Train Your B.E.A.S.T. (Watch video below) Immediate Performance Results! Own Your Competitive Greatness.

Your Package Consists of: Everything in Option 1, plus an additional three sessions. Total of 4 one-hour sessions

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Tame & Train that B.E.A.S.T.

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You can Try to Deny Them, Shove Them Down or Ignore Them ... but worry, self-doubt, frustration and fear keep coming back for more. They haunt you, mess with your head and ruin your performance.

You go from 'Hero to Zero' with one missed play!

You don't have to take it anymore!
Tame & Train Your B.E.A.S.T.

Tom Malone: Kicker, UFL – Sacramento Mountain Lions

E-magination is like another form of extra practice.
I'm more comfortable and confident kicking now because I've already gotten the extra reps done in my head. Working with Deborah was really good because it wasn't a whole lot of psycho-babble stuff … it was based on my actual performance!

Option 3: VIP ULTIMATE Performance Boost
When “Winning” is the Only Acceptable Answer!

Dominate Your Competition and Intensify Your Competitive EDGE

WARNING: This is not for everybody. It's not for someone who just wants to 'talk' about making it Big in the NFL. Deborah will seriously challenge every excuse, belief, thought or fear that gets in the way of your Ultimate Success! Replace them with confidence, clarity and courage – along with the actions necessary to make it to your next level of success!

You will:

What are YOU willing to do � ?

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At your level – talent is not the issue.

The issue is letting your thoughts and emotions screw-up your performance.

Take Back Your Control NOW
Get MORE of What You Want

Your Package Consists of: Everything in Option 1 and Option 2, plus an additional eight sessions. Total of 12 one-hour sessions. Don't back down – you are in a Perfect Position to Grab Hold of Everything You Ever Wanted! With these additional sessions Deborah keeps her focus on you. Why? Because to make it in the NFL and stay there ... you need consistency.

Additional VIP Exclusive Benefits include:

VIP Ultimate Performance Boost: Available ONLY to VIP Clients. Your own personalized and completely customized Power of the Mind – Brain Training Sessions. Players would invest thousand of dollars to have the extraordinary benefit of this one technique alone. It is your ULTIMATE Performance Boost! All you have do is relax, listen and imagine as Deborah guides you. Using her unique and extremely powerful E-maginationTM technique you learn to: have perfect game winning plays; stay calm; think clearly; and instinctually do exactly what you need to do when everything is on the line.

Recordings are approximately 10-minutes and are sent in mp3 format.

VIP Check-in Calls: These 4-additional VIP Check-in Calls last 15-minutes or less. Imagine what it would be like to experience a quick call before a big game, combine, mini-camp, pro day or practice … to help you immediately feel focused, confident and calm. You can! Maybe you need a powerful pep-talk or you just need someone to listen without judgment. You are a VIP Client and by working with Deborah she knows the exact right words to get you Focused Fast.

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James Kirkendoll: Wide Receiver #11, Tennessee Titans

Deborah Dubree is a life-changer. What she taught me is legit.
Pro Day was one of the biggest days of my life. I saw other guys sweating and could see they were nervous. I definitely felt like I had a Secret Weapon and an advantage over everybody else. I had all of that under control and could just let it all loose.

Session Details

Tame and Train Your B.E.A.S.T.

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Coach Gary Zauner: Coach Zauner LLC, 13 years as Specialty Coach in NFL

The two of us together can help these guys get to the NFL.
Deborah showed me she has something to offer that's different from other people. What she does fits exactly with what I'm doing with my guys. She's a technique person with the 'mind.' Her expertise in the mental and emotional side of the game is a perfect fit with what I do. She offers what some of my guys are missing.

Anthony J. Perez: Agent Advisor – Athlete Manager

During Pro Day I watched other athletes lose their confidence and get eaten up by nerves. After working with Deborah, my player was calm, confident and turned in better results. He stood out from other players who were trying out for the same position.

Bront Bird: Middle Linebacker #20, Houston Texans

I was invited to workout with New York Jets and also interviewed with the San Diego Chargers The NFL is a very cut-throat business. It's really stressful. At every single level you could get cut. Instead of being all nervous and tripping all over myself before every drill with thoughts of, "Am I going to mess up?" I was able to relax and allow my body to perform at its best!

Additional Services

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Don't let your mind and emotions steal your dreams!

Event Specific: "One Shot" at Greatness … Your Optimal Performance Preparation
Don't leave your performance to chance when everything is on the line! This is for you if "You are feeling nervous. You know you can do this, but there's that hint of doubt. Your mind is playing games on you and You Need to FOCUS! It's time to break-away from the competition and do what you have trained your whole life to do!

Examples of Events:

VIP Day/s Experience: This is for you if you are looking for fast, intensive and personalized attention. It's not for the weak at heart. Deborah will seriously challenge your excuses and have you focused on what it takes for you to stay a cut-above your competition. It is direct, specific and personalized to you.

Customized to fit your needs and schedule.